Here are some guides those could be helpful in electrical design work on a project.


    Word documents & CAD files (modify to produce your reports, specs. or drawings).


    Here are some useful calculators and spreadsheet developed by vendors for electrical calculations.


    Technical Codes & Standards, Basic Engineering References for electrical system design and studies.




Hello, I am Naeem Tareen, an electrical engineer by profession working in oil & gas industry. I hold a master in electrical engineering degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada (2004). I did bachelor in electrical engineering from U.E.T Lahore, Pakistan (1994). I am a registered professional engineer in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. I have been working in the industry for more than 15 years now [oil & gas and power generation plants]. I have been involved in almost all phases of the projects: design, construction, commissioning, start-ups etc.

On these pages I have uploaded some electrical engineering related technical articles (written by me or by other people), sample drawings & documents, calculators, industry links, manuals etc.  Much of the material is not original, it can be found in various standards, vendor websites, or rules of thumb passed down from one engineer to another. I have realized that there is lot of literature out there but much of that do not convey clear understanding of the subject. I have tried to be brief and convey important information about a particular subject. Similarly I have chosen to upload the material that is clear and to the point. In my opinion the best source for design information are the relevant technical codes & standards [many are listed under STANDARDS tab on this page] and should be first choice of reference. 


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